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Paths of Gods


Just the name says all: Path of Gods.   It’s one of the natural excursions more charming in the world. A way between the sky and the sea of Amalfi coast with a fantastic overview on Capri, PositanoPraiano and Cilento. This excursion give the opportunity to watch the Amalfi Coast from another point of view, an even more fascinating side to this Coastline that very few people are aware of.

The tradional route start to Bomerano
, near Agerola, and arrive to Nocelle (little town over Positano) around 500 metres above sea level.
If you come to Sorrento we suggest you an alternative route wich start to Praiano, a località from Positano and Amalfi,  easily to reach with the public transport.

From Praiano over the Colle Serra pass  continuing from West to East towards Nocelle, you will walk through and near very unique wild Mediterranean bush, costal forests and caves suspended half way between the sky and the deep blue sea, but also through a piece of Amalfi history, visiting San Domenico Monastery. During the walk you can meet sheeps and goats.  When you arrive to the little town of Nocelle you can choose to walk down to Positano by 1500 steps or take a little bus.

Time to go: 4 or 5 hourse
Difficult: medium


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