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Regina’s Giovanna Baths


An excursion at Regina ’s Giovanna Baths is for all, also children and senior.  The track is short and you can easily reach one of the most beautiful place in Sorrento, full of charm omantic and wild.

The place is so called because Giovanna d’Angiò, queen of Naples in the 1300, came here to have a bath in the little natural pool in total privacy. If you talk with some Sorrento’s native, maybe he tells you that the Queen here was used to entertain with her young lovers and then  throw them down from the  rocks, because don’t talk about them meeting.  

The legend tell that Giovanna, by now insatiable, death during a meeting with a horse.Beyond the popular legends, at the Regina’s Giovanna Bath’s you can see the roman  ruins of the Pollio Felice’s Villa. This villa is  mentioned from Stradone, Orazio and the young Plinio.

You can reach the Baths from a short track that starts to Sorrento Capo, the last stop of urban city autobus. After then minutes wallk you will be over a big calcky cliff , in front on a beautiful landscape. In climbed on the rocks there are the roman villa’s ruin. Then you go down by steps on the little lagoon reachable by sea through a natural arch.

A magical place, a little sea water swimming pool, grip from the rocks. Swimming in the shallow water you can understand because the Queen Giovanna chosen this place as love place.

Difficult: easy
Time to go: 15 minutes

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